What is ntiDirectCare?

A smarter way to reduce healthcare costs!

With or without insurance, families are burdened with significant out-of-pocket spending on dental, vision and prescriptions that can devastate your budget.

Take for example the Olson family of three. Six preventative dental visits, a couple vision exams, glasses and a monthly fill of three generic prescriptions along with one brand name prescription can really add up! All together, the Olsons’ annual spending was $2223. The Olsons enrolled in ntiDirectCare and took advantage of our group buying power to save $740!

Olson Family Expenses Before ntiDirectCare WITH ntiDirectCare
Dental Dental $1,026 $662
Vision Vision $417 $291
Prescription Prescription $780 $530

ntiDirectCare SAVINGS: $740

ntiDirectCare is SIMPLE:

  • Present your valid ntiDirectCare member card at any participating provider; no verification, paperwork or claims needed.
  • Valid for everyone in your household; no need to add or terminate family members.
  • Ready to use now! Once you receive your card it can be used instantly.

Our plan is NOT:

  • Insurance! It is a discount medical program.

Benefits of ntiDirectCare include:

Discounted rates from dental, vision, and hearing providers for services not covered by your health insurance and personal prescription consultation.